Signs from the Other Side

Published in 2019

With stories and insightful suggestions, beloved psychic medium Bill Philipps demonstrates that our loved ones on the other side are available to us. He promises that, with an open heart and mind ready to receive, anyone can recognize the signs that spirits of the departed may be trying to send.

Signs from the Other Side, a follow-up to Bill’s bestselling book Expect the Unexpected: Bringing Peace, Healing, and Hope from the Other Side, offers an in-depth explanation of how Bill does what he does, as well as practical advice on how to receive and interpret signs when they appear. By tapping into our intuition, we can experience deep connections that lead to forgiveness, reassurance, or simply one last moment with a loved one. The book also includes more than twenty inspiring examples of how others experienced comfort through such communications.

“Signs from the Other Side: Opening to the Spirit World” was published by New World Library. It is also in audio form.


  • The stories Bill shares illuminate proof that signs from our departed loved ones are truly around us every day, everywhere!
    Evelyn Erives
    Cohost of ODM and Evelyn in the Morning, 99.1 KGGI (Riverside, California)
  • An unpretentious exploration into afterlife communication…I recommend that anyone interested in this topic read Signs from the Other Side.
    Raymond Moody
    MD, PhD, author of Life After Life